Top 5 Positions to Make an Effective Woodsball Team

top 5 woodsball team positions

If you want to build an effective paintball team then you’re going to need to make sure you have a diverse team of skilled players. While most paintball teams are just a bunch of random people running around the field, an actually well-made team has positions set up for each member of the team.

Of course, not all woodsball teams are made up of 5 people, but I personally believe you need at least 5 people to make an effective team. If you had to do without any member of this team it would definitely be the sniper, but a team with a sniper who knows what they’re doing will surely have an advantage on your team.

Here below are the top 5 positions that you need to have on your woodsball team if you want to be better than your average group of players.



The captain is essentially the back bone of the team and is in charge of telling everyone what to do. The captain needs to be great at figuring out what the enemy team is going to do as well be able to pay attention to where all members of your team are at.

The captain also has to keep track of everyone who is eliminated and be able to see the empty gaps on the field that need protection. While the captain may not need to be the best overall player on the team, they at least have to be best when it comes to strategy. If not, the whole team falls apart. So make sure to pick a good captain.



Every team needs a good rusher or else you will never be able to move up far on the field. The rusher is basically the guy or girl who is in charge of leading everyone into battle and is usually the first person out. However, the rusher is also the player who usually gets the most kills.

Being a rusher is a ton of fun because most players never expect somebody to come charging at them out of the blue. This rushing style of play can definitely lead to some pretty intense eliminations.



If you don’t have a marksmen on your team you will have trouble moving up the field as your teammates will get picked off by the enemy marksmen. And while a marksmen may be similar to a sniper, they don’t usually hide in the woods as much as a true sniper would.

Instead, a marksmen job is to stick with the team and be the player who is trying to shoot the enemies at far range. A Tiberius 9.1 with First Strike paintballs will definitely suit a marksmen well.



Usually the suppressor is the speedballer on the team, but it’s actually better to have a player with a louder gun such as the Tippmann X7 with Egrip or response trigger. The heavy suppressive fire combined with the noise of an extremely loud marker will definitely make the enemies think twice before sticking their head out into danger.

If you really want to scare the enemies then you may even want to look into getting a double trouble – two Tippmann A5’s stuck together. While I’m not sure if they still make the adapter for the double trouble, I’m sure you could look online and buy it used. You may have to keep your eye open though.



A sniper may be able to shoot far range like a marksmen, but the true sniper also enjoys shooting people up and personal as well. Since snipers are the master of camouflage and staying hidden, they can allow the enemy players to walk right up on them without ever being seen.

To be an effective sniper you need to be extremely patient and known how to move silently through the woods. Not all players are cut out for this job as it definitely takes a lot of practice if you don’t want to just be some guy wearing a ghillie suit in the woods.

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