Tippmann Cronus – Top Woodsball Marker for Beginners

tippmann cronus review

While some people may go for the whole inflatable bunker thing, you and I know that woodsball is where the true fun is. And if you really want to have as much fun as possible while playing paintball, then you need to get a reliable marker that won’t let you down.

In the world of paintball nobody makes markers that are more reliable than Tippmann. Yeah, some companies might be able to create a higher quality paintball gun, but even then that gun will probably break down more than a Tippmann would.

If you do ever happen to run into a problem with your Tippmann though (every marker breaks down eventually), at least it won’t be hard to find somebody who can work on your gun if you’re needing help. Since most paintballers are pretty friendly all you need to do is buy them a pizza or give them a pod of paint and I’m sure they would be more than glad to help. However, if you’re more on the young side then most people will probably just help for free.


Tippmann Cronus Review

Even though the 98 Custom was already a great marker for beginners, Tippmann knew they wanted something a little cheaper to offer new players looking to get into woodsball. Out of this need for a better woodsball marker for beginners, the Tippmann Cronus was born!

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So what makes the Tippmann Cronus such a great paintball gun for beginners? Well, for starters, it essentially has the same internals as the beloved 98 Custom – possibly the best beginner paintball gun of all time. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade the Cronus like you can with the 98.

cronus upgrades

That’s why the Tippmann Cronus is better suited for the paintballer who just wants to play here and there. Whereas the 98 Custom is more meant for beginners who plans to eventually move up to the intermediate level. However, there are still some advantages to using the Cronus as well, such as the internal gas line and super comfortable rubber grips.

You can also buy the tactical edition for only $10 more and get a 6 position collapsible stock, mock silencer with front sight, and carrying handle as the rear sight. This marker also comes with multiple picatinny rails so you can add all sorts of cool attachments such as a red dot, scope, or laser. Unfortunately, since there is no cyclone feed upgrade for the Cronus so you’re forced to use an electric loader. Of course, you can still use a cheap gravity fed hopper if you like, just don’t expect it to perform anywhere near as well.

Another feature that I really like about the Tippmann Cronus is the fact that it uses A5 barrel threads. This makes it extremely easy to shop for barrels which is definitely a plus in my book. The metal trigger is also a nice feature as well, as it makes you feel like you’re using a much more expensive gun. Even the front grip is surprisingly comfortable and I love that there’s no steel braided line to get in my way (internal gas line).


Where to Buy the Tippmann Cronus

If you’re looking to buy the Tippmann Cronus online you can always check sites such as Ansgear or Hustle Paintball as they usually have the best deals. Personally though, I would recommend you go to your local field so you can hold the marker in your hands before making a decision. Everyone is different when it comes to paintball guns so you really need to be sure that the Cronus is what you want before you make any form of purchase.

If you do buy the Cronus online though make sure to leave a review as it really helps future players decide on what gear to buy. Hopefully you found this review helpful and I hope to one day see you on the field!