Now You Can Play Paintball on Your Phone!

When I first got into paintball as a kid I remember playing the original Greg Hastings video game on Xbox. Fortunately, I can now relive the nostalgia and play Greg Hastings Paintball on my mobile phone. I’m not going to lie, when I first downloaded the game I was prepared to play some lame game that had terrible graphics, but boy was I wrong.

Great Graphics and Customization

The graphics on Greg Hastings Fields of Battle is actually pretty impressive and the ability to tilt your phone to aim really gives the game a more realistic feel. You can even choose your own paintball gear and buy new gear with silver and gold coins as you level up. Plus you can customize everything from your controls to entire HUD display.


Plenty of Game Types

To keep things entertaining, there’s many different game types you can play such as capture the flag, team elimination and even capture and hold. If that’s not enough for you then maybe an epic 10v10 match is more your style.


Safe for Everyone

By the way, did I forget to mention that this is the only FPS game ever created to receive an “E” for everyone rating by the ESRB? So no matter who in your family wants to play this game you can feel absolutely safe knowing they’re playing the safest shooter video game of all time.


Compete Every Friday

Every Friday you can compete in the Friday Night 4 Fights Competition to win $50 worth of gold coins and the chance to compete in the final round completion on January 28th and battle for the grand prize of a Dye Precision DM 15! The winner will also get their name engraved on a Greg Hastings Paintball bronze trophy and the runner up will even win a complete Tippmann Cronus beginner package.

I don’t know about you but I’ve already been getting some practice in myself so you better hurry up if you want to stand a chance!

5 Top Paintball Fields in the United States

The Town of Bedlam – CPX Paintball – Joliet, IL

The Town of Bedlam paintball field is a part of CPX Sports and is meant to bring you back to the town of Bedlam, Illinois in the 1950’s. This town has a very historical feel to it and is definitely a lot of fun if you don’t mind the possibility of a little close up action.


Nuketown Paintball – Paintball Explosion – East Dundee, IL

Nuketown Paintball is based off the most popular map in Call of Duty – Nuketown. This town is essentially a replica of the towns we used to test nukes on in WWII.

While this field is a ton of fun to play on, you definitely better be prepared for some close up action.


Oklahoma D-Day – D-Day Adventure Park – Wyandotte, OK

Oklahoma D-Day is on a 1,000+ acre field and is one of the most exhilarating paintball experiences of all time. You really feel like you’re at the real D-day, except for the real gunfire of course.


Wayne’s World – Wayne’s World of Paintball – Ocala, FL

Wayne’s World is one of the most intense woodsball fields ever created and has everything from forts, vehicles, and even a huge crater in the middle of the field! Sniping on this field can be a ton of fun if you get in the right spots.


Skirmish Paintball – Skirmish USA – Albrightsville, PA

Skirmish Paintball is another huge field that is built on 700 acres of land and has 50+ individual fields you can play one. This is the ultimate scenario experience and is tied with D-Day as my favorite field of all time.