5 Top Paintball Fields in the United States

The Town of Bedlam – CPX Paintball – Joliet, IL

The Town of Bedlam paintball field is a part of CPX Sports and is meant to bring you back to the town of Bedlam, Illinois in the 1950’s. This town has a very historical feel to it and is definitely a lot of fun if you don’t mind the possibility of a little close up action.


Nuketown Paintball – Paintball Explosion – East Dundee, IL

Nuketown Paintball is based off the most popular map in Call of Duty – Nuketown. This town is essentially a replica of the towns we used to test nukes on in WWII.

While this field is a ton of fun to play on, you definitely better be prepared for some close up action.


Oklahoma D-Day – D-Day Adventure Park – Wyandotte, OK

Oklahoma D-Day is on a 1,000+ acre field and is one of the most exhilarating paintball experiences of all time. You really feel like you’re at the real D-day, except for the real gunfire of course.


Wayne’s World – Wayne’s World of Paintball – Ocala, FL

Wayne’s World is one of the most intense woodsball fields ever created and has everything from forts, vehicles, and even a huge crater in the middle of the field! Sniping on this field can be a ton of fun if you get in the right spots.


Skirmish Paintball – Skirmish USA – Albrightsville, PA

Skirmish Paintball is another huge field that is built on 700 acres of land and has 50+ individual fields you can play one. This is the ultimate scenario experience and is tied with D-Day as my favorite field of all time.