The 5 Main Types of Paintball You Can Play

types of paintball you can play

When the game of paintball was first invented in 1981 it was just a simple game played in the woods with the goal of seeing who had the best survival skills. Nowadays though paintball has evolved into an extremely fun sport that is not only played in the woods, but also on fields covered with forts and inflatable bunkers. In some rare cases you can even play paintball in abandoned cities and on fields that are larger than a thousand of acres (Oklahoma D-Day).

If you’ve never played paintball before then you may want to learn the five different types of games you can play so you can decide which game type you want to try first. Will I would personally recommend woods ball, you’re best to stick with whatever you think is most fun.



If you’re looking to play a more military style of paintball that takes place out in the woods then woodsball is your perfect match. In woodsball games you will typically want to be dressed in a full camouflage outfit and have a paintball gun that has iron sights for better first-shot accuracy.

A lot of players who play woodsball will usually customize their marker in milsim fashion in order to have that military look and feel. Vests are also a popular woodsball accessory and a lot of player will even equip their air tank to the back of their vest with a remote coil so they can use a stock instead.

While none of this gear will usually make a big difference in how you play (cons sometimes outweigh the pros) it will make you feel cool and give the game a more militaristic feel which some people love.



Hyperball is actually a sub segment of the style of paintball known as speedball, which is a type of paintball played on a field with only man-made bunkers. When you think of Hyperball you usually think of fields made out of forts, spools, tires and those giant black tubes.

This is the best style of paintball for beginners to play because it’s the easiest environment to learn the game in. You don’t have to worry about players hiding in the bushes or deal with the competiveness of Airball.



Airball is the type of paintball that is played on a field that’s equipped with inflatable bunkers. While this may be the most exciting type of paintball to play, it’s also the hardest and most competitive as well.

Airball is actually so competitive that it virtually requires players to use high-end paintball guns that are capable of shooting up to 30+ BPS (balls per second). Even though most tournaments restrict the BPS down to around 20 or less, this doesn’t stop players from shooting to their full potential during practice games.

This isn’t to say that all people who play Airball are going to shoot you like a mad man if given the chance, but it is always a possibility. Make sure the players are cool with beginners before giving Airball a chance.


Scenario Paintball

If you want to become fully immersed in the paintball experience then there is no better way than playing scenario paintball. So what is scenario paintball?

Well, it’s essentially an extremely long paintball game (16-24 hours or more) that involves a scenario you have to follow. Common scenarios are based around WWI & II, zombies and even popular video games such as Halo and Call of Duty.

In scenario paintball games players are even allowed to dress up and you will be forced to do mission that involve cool props. You could be invading the beaches of Normandy or fighting off Grunts and Elites, anything is possible.


Stock Paintball

This will probably not be the first type of paintball you play, but if you ever get bored with the normal high rate of fire you could try out stock paintball – or in other words paintball with pump guns only.

Stock class paintball can actually be surprisingly fun and is always a good way to spice up the normal paintball routine. Pump paintball markers are also more on the affordable end so it shouldn’t cost you a whole lot of money to play unless you want something serious such as the Phantom.