20 Paintball Tips That Will Transform You into a Better Player

The other day I was looking up cool paintball videos and I found this really helpful video from Ziring Zurar that will definitely be useful for the beginner player. While these tips are more suited for Airball, you can still use all of this information when playing hyperball and woodsball as well.

Now these tips may not be from professional players, but if you’re a beginner or even intermediate paintballer then you should definitely be able to learn a lot from this video. Make sure to practice everything you learn in this video on a regular basis or else you won’t be able to get the full effect from watching this video.

Some of the basic paintball tips you will learn include how to:

  • Walk the trigger
  • Shoot with both hands
  • Do the superman slide
  • Do the football slide
  • To snap shoot
  • Survive the snake
  • Reload while shooting

There are more tips than just these but you will have to watch the video to find them out. While I was originally going to write an article on beginner tips I figured this video would be good enough. Maybe in the future I’ll have more advanced paintball tips for you so stick around to find out!

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