The Ultimate Guide to Paint and Barrel Match

paint to barrel match

Paintball to barrel match is one of the biggest factors in determining accuracy of your shots.  In fact, without proper paint to barrel match you will never be able consistently hit where you aim. If you want to go straight to the chart then scroll to the bottom of the page.

In collecting this database I have learned that paint varies widely even the same brand from shipment to shipment.  The data here is based on the case or two that I tested for each brand but Paint Brand XYZ is not ALWAYS going to be .687 or whatever it listed.  It all varies, some more than others.  The single best recommendation I can get is always buy fresh paint.  Paint ages, It deforms and gets brittle as it gets older, most paint swells as it ages and then will “blow up” when you try to shoot it.  Fresh paint is best found a good local shop

How to do your own bore match test for your barrel.  This is also known as the Blow test.  Take whatever barrel you will be shooting and take 10 paintballs that you intend to used and put a paintball in the barrel and blow it through.  A good fit will act like a blow gun but can be blown out with some effort.   If it falls straight through its too small.  If it gets stuck and you can’t get it out its too big.  You want a snug fit but not too tight.

The other test that is often performed is the drop test.  Take your paint and drop it from about 6′ high on a hard surface, don’t let it bounce but catch it, and repeat.  If it breaks in 1-2 drops it’s fairly soft. 3-7 is mid-range, 7-10 Hard, 10+ too hard.

The best paintballs are: Zap Chronic, and PMI/RP Evil.  The Chronic is by far the Heaviest and brightest paint I have ever tested, it is mind blowing how straight it shoots and how hard it impacts.  They use Clay for added weight and patented Fluorescent Dye in the fill.  The fill is extremely think and sticky, it the most un-wipeable paint I have ever seen.  The downside is that Chronic is soft and inconsistent.

Check Out the Top 5 Positions in Woodsball!

The other paint that simply rocks is Evil, its bright, heavy and good shell hardness.
Major Manufacturers: One of the best kept secrets in paintball is that there are only a handful of actual encapsulation facilities.  So despite all the brand names they are all made by a hand full of companies, like Milk.  If you look on a milk gallon it will have a plant number such as 47-8, all the brands in the local grocery store come from the same milk processing facility despite the different prices and brand labels.

Major Manufactures are: In the US are RP Scherer distributed exclusively by PMI and Nelson.  Nelson makes a ton of other “paint brands”.  In Canada there are also to two Major Manufactures Accucaps (Zap) and Procaps, (Diablo).  Most other brands of paintballs are made by one of these 4 major companies.   For Example RP makes JT, Nelson makes Kick’N, Zap makes Proball, Diablo makes 32 Degrees, etcetera.  Of course most of the brands claim “We have our own special machine, blah, blah, blah”   I call BS! Most good paints have lot’s on them and can be traced since each Major manufacturer uses a similar lot # code even if the boxes are different colors.  Just like Milk.

Minor Manufacturers: There are also a number of smaller manufacturers popping up but they are far less reliable in general.  Point Blank is Robinson Pharma, Severe is rumored to be from a Brazilian Encapsulator, and Great American is made in Reno Nevada, TC Paintballs from Florida.  I’m sure there are a few others but not many.  I just find it amusing when players claim brand X sucks but brand Y is great, when in fact they are both made by the same factory to the same specifications.

Other than buying the right paintballs to match your barrel, you should also make sure you buy the best paintball marker that you can afford. Now, you don’t need to spend over a thousand dollars just to get a good paintball gun, but I would highly suggest you at least get a marker over $100. Most paintball guns beyond the $100 price range just seem to be way more reliable and better for overall accuracy.


Paintball Guide

Paint Brand Bore Match Bore Category Comments
32 Degrees: Competition .688-.692 Medium In consistent Size & hardness
32 Degrees: Team Colors .685-.687 Small In consistent Size & hardness
Brass Eagle .674-.705 Large Poor seams, often old
Brass Eagle Top Brass .689-.691 Medium Often old
Bullseye Super Turbo .689-.690 Medium East Coast brand
Diablo Blaze .685-.687 Small
Diablo Blitz / Comp Edge .689-.692 Medium
Diablo Hell Fire 0.684 Small
Diablo Inferno .684-.687 Small
Diablo Midnight .689-.692 Medium
Draxxus: All Types See Diablo.  The name change was stupid!
Get Some Balls .688-.689 Medium Very Soft Shell, Strange “whipped” fill
Great American .688-.689 Medium Big Seam, Poor Gelatin
Great American Competition .688-.689 Medium
I&I Adrenaline .689-.691 Medium Same as Powerball
Java Classic .691-.693 Large
Java Supreme .688-.689 Medium
JT Maximum 0.686-.689 Small If you can get it fresh its good, Made by PMI
Kick’N Metalix .687-.688 Small
Kick’N Premium .689-.692 Medium
Kick’N Premium + .688-.689 Medium
Nelson Anarchy .686-.688 Small
Nelson Challenger .691-.693 Large Poor seams
Nelson Gold .691-.693 Large
Nelson Hot Spot .691-.693 Large Good Cheap Paint
Nitro Duck 1st Choice .692-.694 Large Soft Shell, often broken in cases
Paintball Junkies .688-.689 Medium
PMI / RP Big Ball .689-.690 Medium
PMI / RP Evil 0.686-.689 Small Great Heavy Paint
PMI / RP Evil Ultra 0.685-.687 Small Tournament Only Paint, very soft, very small
PMI / RP Gold .689-.690 Medium
PMI / RP Marbalizer 0.685-.688 Small
PMI / RP Premium .687-.689 Small
Point Blank: Kryptonite .689-.690 Medium Glows for about 15 min
Point Blank: Point Blank .688-.692 Medium Hard shell, ugly seam.
Point Blank: Steel Balls .689-.6920 Medium Too Soft & old
Power Ball .689-.692 Medium
Pro Ball 0.687-.691 Small
Pro Ball Lite .688-.689 Medium In consistent shell hardness
Pro Ball Platinum 0.687-.689 Small
Severe .690-.693 Large Nasty looking Gelatin shell
Sheridan Ball .689-.691 Medium Typically Old
Smart Paint .689-.691 Medium
TC Viper Venom .688-.691 Medium In consistent Size, Shell hardness
WDP Victory .686-.689 Medium In Consistent Quality
Worr Paint .690-.693 Large Worr quickly abandoned this paint. It sucked!
Zap Chronic 0.686-.688 Small Bright, Fluorescent, Heaviest, paint made!
Zap Primer .689-.692 Medium In consistent shell hardness
Zap Pro 0.688-.692 Medium
Zap Pro Sport .689-.690 Medium


Top 5 Positions to Make an Effective Woodsball Team

top 5 woodsball team positions

If you want to build an effective paintball team then you’re going to need to make sure you have a diverse team of skilled players. While most paintball teams are just a bunch of random people running around the field, an actually well-made team has positions set up for each member of the team.

Of course, not all woodsball teams are made up of 5 people, but I personally believe you need at least 5 people to make an effective team. If you had to do without any member of this team it would definitely be the sniper, but a team with a sniper who knows what they’re doing will surely have an advantage on your team.

Here below are the top 5 positions that you need to have on your woodsball team if you want to be better than your average group of players.



The captain is essentially the back bone of the team and is in charge of telling everyone what to do. The captain needs to be great at figuring out what the enemy team is going to do as well be able to pay attention to where all members of your team are at.

The captain also has to keep track of everyone who is eliminated and be able to see the empty gaps on the field that need protection. While the captain may not need to be the best overall player on the team, they at least have to be best when it comes to strategy. If not, the whole team falls apart. So make sure to pick a good captain.



Every team needs a good rusher or else you will never be able to move up far on the field. The rusher is basically the guy or girl who is in charge of leading everyone into battle and is usually the first person out. However, the rusher is also the player who usually gets the most kills.

Being a rusher is a ton of fun because most players never expect somebody to come charging at them out of the blue. This rushing style of play can definitely lead to some pretty intense eliminations.



If you don’t have a marksmen on your team you will have trouble moving up the field as your teammates will get picked off by the enemy marksmen. And while a marksmen may be similar to a sniper, they don’t usually hide in the woods as much as a true sniper would.

Instead, a marksmen job is to stick with the team and be the player who is trying to shoot the enemies at far range. A Tiberius 9.1 with First Strike paintballs will definitely suit a marksmen well.



Usually the suppressor is the speedballer on the team, but it’s actually better to have a player with a louder gun such as the Tippmann X7 with Egrip or response trigger. The heavy suppressive fire combined with the noise of an extremely loud marker will definitely make the enemies think twice before sticking their head out into danger.

If you really want to scare the enemies then you may even want to look into getting a double trouble – two Tippmann A5’s stuck together. While I’m not sure if they still make the adapter for the double trouble, I’m sure you could look online and buy it used. You may have to keep your eye open though.



A sniper may be able to shoot far range like a marksmen, but the true sniper also enjoys shooting people up and personal as well. Since snipers are the master of camouflage and staying hidden, they can allow the enemy players to walk right up on them without ever being seen.

To be an effective sniper you need to be extremely patient and known how to move silently through the woods. Not all players are cut out for this job as it definitely takes a lot of practice if you don’t want to just be some guy wearing a ghillie suit in the woods.

Now You Can Play Paintball on Your Phone!

When I first got into paintball as a kid I remember playing the original Greg Hastings video game on Xbox. Fortunately, I can now relive the nostalgia and play Greg Hastings Paintball on my mobile phone. I’m not going to lie, when I first downloaded the game I was prepared to play some lame game that had terrible graphics, but boy was I wrong.

Great Graphics and Customization

The graphics on Greg Hastings Fields of Battle is actually pretty impressive and the ability to tilt your phone to aim really gives the game a more realistic feel. You can even choose your own paintball gear and buy new gear with silver and gold coins as you level up. Plus you can customize everything from your controls to entire HUD display.


Plenty of Game Types

To keep things entertaining, there’s many different game types you can play such as capture the flag, team elimination and even capture and hold. If that’s not enough for you then maybe an epic 10v10 match is more your style.


Safe for Everyone

By the way, did I forget to mention that this is the only FPS game ever created to receive an “E” for everyone rating by the ESRB? So no matter who in your family wants to play this game you can feel absolutely safe knowing they’re playing the safest shooter video game of all time.


Compete Every Friday

Every Friday you can compete in the Friday Night 4 Fights Competition to win $50 worth of gold coins and the chance to compete in the final round completion on January 28th and battle for the grand prize of a Dye Precision DM 15! The winner will also get their name engraved on a Greg Hastings Paintball bronze trophy and the runner up will even win a complete Tippmann Cronus beginner package.

I don’t know about you but I’ve already been getting some practice in myself so you better hurry up if you want to stand a chance!

5 Top Paintball Fields in the United States

The Town of Bedlam – CPX Paintball – Joliet, IL

The Town of Bedlam paintball field is a part of CPX Sports and is meant to bring you back to the town of Bedlam, Illinois in the 1950’s. This town has a very historical feel to it and is definitely a lot of fun if you don’t mind the possibility of a little close up action.


Nuketown Paintball – Paintball Explosion – East Dundee, IL

Nuketown Paintball is based off the most popular map in Call of Duty – Nuketown. This town is essentially a replica of the towns we used to test nukes on in WWII.

While this field is a ton of fun to play on, you definitely better be prepared for some close up action.


Oklahoma D-Day – D-Day Adventure Park – Wyandotte, OK

Oklahoma D-Day is on a 1,000+ acre field and is one of the most exhilarating paintball experiences of all time. You really feel like you’re at the real D-day, except for the real gunfire of course.


Wayne’s World – Wayne’s World of Paintball – Ocala, FL

Wayne’s World is one of the most intense woodsball fields ever created and has everything from forts, vehicles, and even a huge crater in the middle of the field! Sniping on this field can be a ton of fun if you get in the right spots.


Skirmish Paintball – Skirmish USA – Albrightsville, PA

Skirmish Paintball is another huge field that is built on 700 acres of land and has 50+ individual fields you can play one. This is the ultimate scenario experience and is tied with D-Day as my favorite field of all time.

Tippmann Cronus – Top Woodsball Marker for Beginners

tippmann cronus review

While some people may go for the whole inflatable bunker thing, you and I know that woodsball is where the true fun is. And if you really want to have as much fun as possible while playing paintball, then you need to get a reliable marker that won’t let you down.

In the world of paintball nobody makes markers that are more reliable than Tippmann. Yeah, some companies might be able to create a higher quality paintball gun, but even then that gun will probably break down more than a Tippmann would.

If you do ever happen to run into a problem with your Tippmann though (every marker breaks down eventually), at least it won’t be hard to find somebody who can work on your gun if you’re needing help. Since most paintballers are pretty friendly all you need to do is buy them a pizza or give them a pod of paint and I’m sure they would be more than glad to help. However, if you’re more on the young side then most people will probably just help for free.


Tippmann Cronus Review

Even though the 98 Custom was already a great marker for beginners, Tippmann knew they wanted something a little cheaper to offer new players looking to get into woodsball. Out of this need for a better woodsball marker for beginners, the Tippmann Cronus was born!

Related article: Learn the basic rules of safety in paintball

So what makes the Tippmann Cronus such a great paintball gun for beginners? Well, for starters, it essentially has the same internals as the beloved 98 Custom – possibly the best beginner paintball gun of all time. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade the Cronus like you can with the 98.

cronus upgrades

That’s why the Tippmann Cronus is better suited for the paintballer who just wants to play here and there. Whereas the 98 Custom is more meant for beginners who plans to eventually move up to the intermediate level. However, there are still some advantages to using the Cronus as well, such as the internal gas line and super comfortable rubber grips.

You can also buy the tactical edition for only $10 more and get a 6 position collapsible stock, mock silencer with front sight, and carrying handle as the rear sight. This marker also comes with multiple picatinny rails so you can add all sorts of cool attachments such as a red dot, scope, or laser. Unfortunately, since there is no cyclone feed upgrade for the Cronus so you’re forced to use an electric loader. Of course, you can still use a cheap gravity fed hopper if you like, just don’t expect it to perform anywhere near as well.

Another feature that I really like about the Tippmann Cronus is the fact that it uses A5 barrel threads. This makes it extremely easy to shop for barrels which is definitely a plus in my book. The metal trigger is also a nice feature as well, as it makes you feel like you’re using a much more expensive gun. Even the front grip is surprisingly comfortable and I love that there’s no steel braided line to get in my way (internal gas line).


Where to Buy the Tippmann Cronus

If you’re looking to buy the Tippmann Cronus online you can always check sites such as Ansgear or Hustle Paintball as they usually have the best deals. Personally though, I would recommend you go to your local field so you can hold the marker in your hands before making a decision. Everyone is different when it comes to paintball guns so you really need to be sure that the Cronus is what you want before you make any form of purchase.

If you do buy the Cronus online though make sure to leave a review as it really helps future players decide on what gear to buy. Hopefully you found this review helpful and I hope to one day see you on the field!

20 Paintball Tips That Will Transform You into a Better Player

The other day I was looking up cool paintball videos and I found this really helpful video from Ziring Zurar that will definitely be useful for the beginner player. While these tips are more suited for Airball, you can still use all of this information when playing hyperball and woodsball as well.

Now these tips may not be from professional players, but if you’re a beginner or even intermediate paintballer then you should definitely be able to learn a lot from this video. Make sure to practice everything you learn in this video on a regular basis or else you won’t be able to get the full effect from watching this video.

Some of the basic paintball tips you will learn include how to:

  • Walk the trigger
  • Shoot with both hands
  • Do the superman slide
  • Do the football slide
  • To snap shoot
  • Survive the snake
  • Reload while shooting

There are more tips than just these but you will have to watch the video to find them out. While I was originally going to write an article on beginner tips I figured this video would be good enough. Maybe in the future I’ll have more advanced paintball tips for you so stick around to find out!

The 5 Main Types of Paintball You Can Play

types of paintball you can play

When the game of paintball was first invented in 1981 it was just a simple game played in the woods with the goal of seeing who had the best survival skills. Nowadays though paintball has evolved into an extremely fun sport that is not only played in the woods, but also on fields covered with forts and inflatable bunkers. In some rare cases you can even play paintball in abandoned cities and on fields that are larger than a thousand of acres (Oklahoma D-Day).

If you’ve never played paintball before then you may want to learn the five different types of games you can play so you can decide which game type you want to try first. Will I would personally recommend woods ball, you’re best to stick with whatever you think is most fun.



If you’re looking to play a more military style of paintball that takes place out in the woods then woodsball is your perfect match. In woodsball games you will typically want to be dressed in a full camouflage outfit and have a paintball gun that has iron sights for better first-shot accuracy.

A lot of players who play woodsball will usually customize their marker in milsim fashion in order to have that military look and feel. Vests are also a popular woodsball accessory and a lot of player will even equip their air tank to the back of their vest with a remote coil so they can use a stock instead.

While none of this gear will usually make a big difference in how you play (cons sometimes outweigh the pros) it will make you feel cool and give the game a more militaristic feel which some people love.



Hyperball is actually a sub segment of the style of paintball known as speedball, which is a type of paintball played on a field with only man-made bunkers. When you think of Hyperball you usually think of fields made out of forts, spools, tires and those giant black tubes.

This is the best style of paintball for beginners to play because it’s the easiest environment to learn the game in. You don’t have to worry about players hiding in the bushes or deal with the competiveness of Airball.



Airball is the type of paintball that is played on a field that’s equipped with inflatable bunkers. While this may be the most exciting type of paintball to play, it’s also the hardest and most competitive as well.

Airball is actually so competitive that it virtually requires players to use high-end paintball guns that are capable of shooting up to 30+ BPS (balls per second). Even though most tournaments restrict the BPS down to around 20 or less, this doesn’t stop players from shooting to their full potential during practice games.

This isn’t to say that all people who play Airball are going to shoot you like a mad man if given the chance, but it is always a possibility. Make sure the players are cool with beginners before giving Airball a chance.


Scenario Paintball

If you want to become fully immersed in the paintball experience then there is no better way than playing scenario paintball. So what is scenario paintball?

Well, it’s essentially an extremely long paintball game (16-24 hours or more) that involves a scenario you have to follow. Common scenarios are based around WWI & II, zombies and even popular video games such as Halo and Call of Duty.

In scenario paintball games players are even allowed to dress up and you will be forced to do mission that involve cool props. You could be invading the beaches of Normandy or fighting off Grunts and Elites, anything is possible.


Stock Paintball

This will probably not be the first type of paintball you play, but if you ever get bored with the normal high rate of fire you could try out stock paintball – or in other words paintball with pump guns only.

Stock class paintball can actually be surprisingly fun and is always a good way to spice up the normal paintball routine. Pump paintball markers are also more on the affordable end so it shouldn’t cost you a whole lot of money to play unless you want something serious such as the Phantom.

Safety Guide: Basic Rules of Paintball

paintball safety rules

While paintball may be one of the most exciting sports of all time, it can be dangerous if you don’t know how to follow the basic rules of safety. Even if you’re going to play in your own backyard you still want to set up some basic rules in order to ensure the safety of everyone playing.

However, if you’re playing at your local field or even at a scenario then you probably want to read up on the rules before you go. If you don’t learn the rules though you can be sure they will still tell you when you go to play. You will also be required to sign a waiver before you’re allowed to play. If you’re under the age of 18 then be prepared to have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver for you. Unfortunately, most fields don’t allow kids under the age of 10 to play (it’s because they will probably cry).

Here is some of the most basic paintball rules below:

  • Paintball masks must be worn at all time when on the field. This is to keep anyone from getting shot in the eye or from accidentally swallowing a paintball. Ouch!
  • Barrel covers must remain on marker at all times when off the field. Just a simple safety precaution to prevent you from accidentally firing the marker when off the field.
  • Make sure to listen to the referee at all times. Refs are there to keep you safe and only want you to have a good time.
  • Maximum velocity of 280 FPS. Some field may allow up to 300 FPS but these fields are becoming less and less prevalent.
  • No playing while under the influence of any substance whatsoever. This means no alcohol and especially NO drugs.
  • No talking when dead. I like to call this rule Dead Man Tell No Tales, but it has many other names as well.
  • Laser sights are prohibited due to players getting blinded in the eye.
  • No bunkering is allowed except for on certain speedball fields. This is to prevent new players from getting shot point blank.
  • No climbing on top of bunkers or any other obstacle (either man-made or nature) on the field.
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct allowed, paintball is only meant to be played for fun.
  • No blind firing allowed. Not only is it unfair, but it’s also dangerous.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.
  • Make sure to yell loudly when you’re eliminated. No need for you to get shot again once you’re already out.
  • Not all types of paintballs are allowed, especially those with red filled paint.
  • No cheating, this should be self-explanatory.
  • No going out of boundaries. Anyone who’s ever played a video game before should be able to understand this rule.

Now every field is different and some even have rules that we haven’t listed above. No matter what the rules are, make sure to practice being safe at all times. Paintball is a game that’s meant to be played for fun so don’t forget to be careful in order to not risk the safety of others.


3 Reasons Why You Should Play Paintball

3 reasons to play paintball

Are you thinking of playing paintball for the first time soon? If you are, then be prepared to have one of the most fun, adrenaline packed adventures of your entire life. Paintball is a sport that I got into many years ago when I was a kid and I still play it now as an adult over 10 years later.

Luckily for me, I had my friends to drag me out of the house to go play for the first time. If you don’t have that luxury though you may still be trying to convince yourself to go play. If you need a little more convincing then continue reading to see what I believe to be the 3 top reasons you should go play paintball.


Tons of Fun

The number one reason why you need to stop waiting and finally go play paintball this Saturday morning (assuming that’s when your local field opens) is that you’re going to have more fun than you could possibly imagine. There actually isn’t one time that I’ve ever went to play paintball that I didn’t have an absolute blast.

Even if you get eliminated over and over throughout the day you’ll still get to feel the surge of adrenaline pumping through your body and you play.


Great Way to Exercise

When you play paintball you are running, ducking and possibly even diving the entire day. Not to mention you’re carrying a ton of gear as well.

This makes paintball an extremely good way to exercise and is one of the reasons the paintball community is especially fit. If you really want to get a good workout you can hop onto the Airball field and experience one of the most adrenaline packed work outs of your entire life.


Something to Do With Friends

Like I said earlier the only reason I even got into paintball in the first place was because my friends wanted me to play. To be honest I just wanted to stay home and play video games that day, but because they were so persistent I figured what the heck and gave it a shot.

Of course, now paintball is a huge part of my life and I still play it with my friends every chance I get. I’ve realized that without paintball our friendships would’ve probably all died shortly after high school, but thanks to this amazing sport we are still all the best of friends.